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  • Arlene Hall

Native Duck? Huh?

Reposted from November 2016

Hi everyone,

My name is Arlene Hall and this is my first blog post! Well, actually, it’s not the first post I’ve written but it’s the first I’ve written for my company, Koloa Solutions. Exciting stuff!

Are you wondering why I named the blog “Native Duck”? It’s a strange name, isn’t it? It’s related to my company name, Koloa Solutions. Koloa, for those of you have haven’t been there, is a town on the island of Kauai in Hawaii. It could easily pass for paradise and in my perfect world, I am living there, working there, eating Ahi tuna from the Koloa Fish Market and forking out more money for my son to buy another ukulele from Larry’s Music. Back to the name of the blog…apparently the name Koloa was incorrectly translated to “native duck”. There’s no real translation of the word Koloa. That appeals to me for some reason.

Koloa Solutions provides recruiting, sales management, and customer service consulting. Lots of companies do this for sure. But we’re different…we take technology and real-world experience into every client we work with and according to our clients, it’s paying off for them.

Please feel free to comment on my site and my blog. I welcome the feedback and discussion.

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