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  • Arlene Hall

I Don't Want To Work In My Living Room

Ok, first off, this isn't me (I don't know who it is but it's a free pic and I liked the wall in the background), and this isn't my setup (I have a home office and standup desk!) but as I type this, there are millions of people hunched over their laptops, wrists aching, backs hunched, navigating their mouse around spills on the dining room table...

Remote work is great, right? That's what they keep telling us. The pandemic is absolutely devastating but a lot of people are touting how great it is to work 100% from home. It's great if... have a dedicated and proper set-up in which to work.

This very real requirement is being glossed over, not just by the big companies (Twitter, Facebook, Shopify, etc.) but in a lot of articles talking about how great WFH is and how it will be the way of the present and the future, even post-Pandemic (yes, there will be a day when this is over, I firmly believe that).

My job is talking to candidates and in the chit-chat portion of our calls I like to survey how they're finding the new order and WFH. Some of them love it and not surprisingly they are typically the ones with a dedicated home office (and without young kids at home to supervise). But just as many don't love it, and often the lack of a dedicated space is the first reason cited.

It will be interesting to see if in 5 years (or however long it takes for our memories of Covid-19 to fade a bit) the tide turns again.

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