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Your dream candidate/job is just around the corner.


With a combined  background in recruiting, software services,  and software sales, Koloa Solutions offers expertise atypical in the recruiting field - we are not just recruiters, we've actually worked in companies in a non-recruiting capacity  and we feel very strongly that this helps us help you.  


Most recruiters don't know what the workworld is like outside of working in a recruiting firm.  They haven't had the first-hand experience of seeing how things work post-hiring.  In fact, most recruiters have never:


  • hired someone for themselves

  • personally seen the cost of a bad hire

  • managed employees


Here are just a few of the positions Koloa Solutions has hired for our clients on a permanent and/or contract basis:


  • All levels of management including Cx), VP, Director, Manager

  • ​Sales  (everything from lead gen to SVP)

  • Marketing (ditto...junior to exec roles)

  • Customer Service 

  • Software Development (Java, .NET, etc.)

  • IT (Sys Admin, Cloud, etc.)

  • Finance

  • Corporate Lawyer

  • Data Scientists

  • Operations (GM to VP)

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We've heard the horror stories - unskilled recruiters who don't follow up with you, don't meet you in person, don't communicate all the facts to the client, etc.


Do you know why that is?  The bar is low when it comes to recruiters, frankly.  At Koloa Solutions, we believe it should be almost unattainably high because you deserve it, our client deserves it, and, we want to maintain our high reputation.

We are passionate about fit so telling us what makes you tick is essential.

We have expertise in recruiting for many roles, permanent and contract.  Here are just a few:








Reach out to start the conversation and we'll be pleased to help.

 Account Execs                   VP/Director of Sales       Channel Sales
 VP/Director of Marketing    Product Management     Project   Management                      Software Dev                  Big Data/AI/NLP     VP IT/Network Eng            Cloud Architect               Systems Analyst
 Corporate Lawyer              VP Finance                     Manufacturing


                                         ...and MANY MORE!

If you don't want to upload a resume, no worries,

                   connect with me on  LinkedIn.

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