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Be Excellent At What You Do

WHAT we do

Koloa Solutions provides both permanent and contract recruiting services, and,  sales consulting

HOW we're different

  • We interview face to face

  • ​We have management experience- we know firsthand the impact of a good (and bad) hire

  • We have held roles (sales, marketing, product management) OTHER than recruiting.  This works to our clients' and candidates' advantage.

We Solve Recruiting Challenges Such As: 

  • No in-house recruiter; recruiters maxed out

  • No  experience in recruiting senior /unique skillsets 

  • Volume recruiting

  • Urgent search

  • Confidential search requirement

  • Targeted 'headhunting' expertise

  • Let your staff focus on their core jobs



These are familiar challenges to us. Let us know if you're interested in hearing how we have solved them.

We Solve Sales Challenges Such As: 

  • Start-up company that recognizes need to focus on sales but doesn't know how to

  • Growing sales team that needs added rigour and process

  • Relatively inexperienced sales team that needs group or 1:1 coaching

  • No in-house expertise to configure/optimise CRM

  • Sales team that doesn't know how to or doesn't use metrics to drive sales


We have helped clients with these problems where the end result has been increased company revenues. We would love to help you too.


Arlene Hall,  Managing Director

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