About the Founder

This blog post , courtesy of InterQ (thank you InterQ!) nicely summarizes the background of the founder and why Koloa Solutions was created.  

Why Choose Koloa?​

Another way to ask this question is...

​​How is Koloa Solutions different and how will that help ME?

And here's the answer...


Koloa Solutions has walked the walked, and, talked the talk. So many recruiting firms are full of staff who have never worked anywhere outside of a recruiting firm.  So how can you really understand your client's challenges and environments if you have no practical experience in their work world?

Koloa Solutions believes that as a firm, our ability to provide superior service to our clients comes as a result of applying our experience in software products and services firms to your search.  

And for the candidates we work with, the same can be said. We're not 'typical' recruiters and we are confident you'll be pleasantly surprised by the experience and the results we can bring to you.

The same goes for sales management and customer service consulting - we've been there, and done that - successfully.  And we'd love to pass on our expertise to help you grow your revenue.